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Akhil Music: Too Much Noise, Lacks Repeat Value

Akkineni Akhil’s much anticipated debut film Akhil is all set to hit the marquee on October 22nd. Audio of this film was launched in a grand gala event amid hundreds of Akkineni fans.

Music for this album was composed by two of the hotshot young music directors of Telugu cinema. Thaman has composed a song in this album that has four other songs scored by Anup Rubens.

Nagarjuna and producer Nithin might have insisted on roping in Anup as he has delivered some unforgettable albums for them. However Anup fails to repeat the magic of Manam or Ishq with this album that is dominated by mass beats and racy numbers.

Anup’s strength lies in melodies and there is not a single melody that was scored by him for Akhil. Only melody Padesave was composed by Thaman which is easily the best of the lot.

Anup focused on fast paced dance numbers and sadly couldn’t deliver the goods. Fans may feel happy that these songs provide ample scope for Akhil to exhibit his dancing skills.

Going by the song teasers, these songs seem better when they are accompanied by the visuals. However on audio Akhil album has no repeat value and the quality of music is questionable.

Hey Akhil song is better in terms of quality when compared to the other songs composed by Anup Rubens. This is yet another forgettable album from Anup who is just not able to repeat the magic of Manam.



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