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Akhil Losing Opportunities!

Akhil, who has been dodging on doing his second film after the miserable failure of his debut venture, finally okayed doing film with Hanu Raghavapudi, who directed “Krishnagadu Veera Prema Gaatha.” Though he had given his nod to the subject long ago, he took a long time to announce his decision officially.

Ironically, within days of Akhil announcing his next project, Hanu replaced him with Nithin as its hero. Reason: Hanu was supposed to do his film for 14 Reels Entertainment and Akhil, too, had given his consent to do his film with the same producers. That was why, Hanu had announce the name of Akhil for his film to be made by 14 Reels.

However, when the project was announced, Akhil backtracked saying he would not do a film with 14 Reels immediately, but would do his third or fourth film with them. And he asked the producers to cancel the agreement with Hanu. This has irritated the producers and they changed the hero, instead of the director. Thus, Nithin replaced Akhil in their film.

Interestingly, Nagarjuna is not involving in his younger son’s career planning and has left the decisions to Akhil himself. But the poor chap is losing his opportunities of doing good films with his immature decisions.



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