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Akhil and Nani to Compete?

Akhil and Nani to Compete?

Producer Dil Raju has already made it clear that his new production starring Nani as lead hero will be released on December 15. And the film is titled “MCA”.

Though he has announced the release date, the film's production work hasn't been completed as yet.

The final shoot and post-production work is still going on.  So, the latest is that the film's release date has been pushed to December 21.

But it is not clear whether Dil Raju would make such a move as it would definitely miff Nagarjuna who locked December 22 as release date for his son Akhil’s second film.

“Hello” is crucial for Akhil’s career and Nagarjuna doesn’t want stiff competition for the film. If Nani’s “MCA” gets released around the same time, Akhil's film will definitely have an adverse impact.

For now, Dil Raju hasn't decided on a date, but he is said to have asked the distributors to be ready for the date, in case the production work gets delayed.

On the other hand, Allu Sirish’s “Okka Kshanam” is also releasing on December 23. However, neither Nagarjuna nor Dil Raju will worry about Allu Sirish's film. It surely is not a big competition for their movies.



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