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Agnyaathavaasi: Largo Winch Director Responds

Agnyaathavaasi: Largo Winch Director Responds

The reports that "Agnyaathavaasi" is copied from French movie ' The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch' have been doing rounds for many days.

Finally, these reports have reached to director Jérôme Salle, who directed the "Largo Winch" in 2008. The French director has now responded on Twitter.

"I think I'm gonna buy a ticket (plane first than movie) #Curiosity #Agnyaathavaasi #LargoWinch," Salle posted on Twitter.

The plot line of "Largo Winch" goes like this: "After a powerful billionaire is murdered, his secret adoptive son must race to prove his legitimacy, find his father's killers and stop them from taking over his financial empire."

The trailer of "Agnyaathavaasi" suggests similar plot line.

Now it has become an international topic, director Trivikram cannot escape from admitting it if he really copied the story from the original movie. 

Trivikram has been copying scenes from various international movies. Recently, he faced criticism for copying old movie "Meena" for "A Aa" and he later apologized.



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