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Agnathavaasi Title Will Be Announced Before Lord Shiva

It's almost end of November and the time is nearing for Harika-Hassine film with Trivikram and Pawan Kalyan's release in January.

Talk is that the title will be announced to the public in a day or two. In all probability, the film's hero Pawan Kalyan will be announcing the title on Twitter.

If it is not him, the title will be announced through the production house's Twitter account. But before this, there is a little devotional programme for the team.

The entire team will leave for Kasi on November 25. Shoots have been planned in Kasi, Gaya and Allahabad.

Meanwhile, the box with the title Agnathavaasi will be opened in Kasi Vishwanath's temple in front of Lord Shiva.

The title will be officially announced there. With this announcement, the film might become the first film to announce its title at Kasi Vishwanath's temple.

The film's director Trivikram totally goes by the Hindu traditions and hero Pawan Kalyan despite marrying a Chrisitan woman, is a follower of Hindu traditions and is into astrology, homams, pujas and other rituals.

So, it is being said that both of them have decided on the plan.



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