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After Backlash, Koratala Siva Backtracks!

After Backlash, Koratala Siva Backtracks!

Koratala Siva is in the eye of the political storm. He thought he would get "wah wah" from everyone when he tweeted against PM Modi using a dialogue from "Bharath Ane Nenu" but he received huge backlash.

Now that everyone is ranting him and raising many questions, he backtracked on his original tweet.

He gave clarification that he tweeted that as a reaction to natural disasters received by Andhra Pradesh. He compares central government granting special status to AP to natural disasters like earthquake, etc.

His hollow knowledge about politics, his double-standards have been exposed again.

He tweeted, "Wen natural disasters occur, we all bcome 1 nd react.I felt a similar disaster occurred 2 d state.Keeping politics nd political parties strictly aside,I as a responsible citizen expressed my agony without any hesitation nd calculation.And I’ll keep on doing it. No politics plsssss."

After receiving backlash, he says no politics please. But he is reacting more like a Telugu Desam party sympathiser.

Can Koratala read the manifesto of TDP and tell us how many promises were honoured by Chandrababu Naidu.

How many times did Naidu go back on promises? Can we call him a Man or his dialogue only applies to PM Modi?

BJP party men and neutral folk on the web have come up with some  points to seek answers from Koratala.

1. When Chandrababu Naidu's government forcibly took away 40,000 acres of fertile land that yields three crops a year in the name of "world-class" capital, where was Koratala hiding? Did Naidu build world-class capital now? Did Koratala ask how Naidu gave away those acres to several corporate companies?

2. When Naidu was buying MLAs from other parties using money and power, did he raise any questions to Naidu?

3. When students and youth have decided to stage agitation in Vizag demanding Special Status, the state government did all efforts to stop it? Did Koratala demand Naidu why he is stopping the youth and why did he agree to special package then?



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