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Abhishek Backs Out Of Boyapati-Bellamkonda Film

Boyapati Srinu's upcoming film with Bellamkonda Srinivas has changed hands, informed our sources. Abhishek Pictures has backed out of the film and Ravindra Reddy of Sahasam Swasaga Saggipo has stepped in as the producer.

Reason for Abhishek Pictures backing out of it is yet to be known. This film is one of the hottest in the trade with reliable director like Boyapati at the helm. After Sarrainodu, trade is betting big on Boyapati Srinu.

On the flip side, rumor has it that Bellamkonda Suresh is the unofficial producer for this film.

As per rumor mills, Suresh is using benami producer for it because his official production will face many problems from his previous financiers. If that is the case, it is interesting to know why Abhishek Pictures had backed out of this one.



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