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A Stunning Fact About Kshanam

PVP Cinemas upcoming movie Kshanam has been making lot of buzz everywhere. The film is just a day away from hitting the marquee.

This kidnap thriller features Adivi Sesh, Adah Sharma and Anasuya in the lead roles. In spite of the absence of a big star Kshanam is managing to get maximum mileage out of every medium.

What is so special about Kshanam to be in news all the time while other small films are being ignored? It is because the producers are spending a lot just on the publicity of the movie.

As per sources the film’s budget is 1.1 crore that includes every penny spent on it. Producer decided to spend as much as the film’s budget on the promotional campaign to make sure it grabs the attention of every film lover.

The makers could have made another film like Kshanam with the money being spent on its publicity. No producer would dare to do that as the aggressive promotional campaign doesn’t guarantee sure shot patronage from film goers.

The strategy has definitely worked to keep Kshanam in the limelight and if this turns out to be a money spinner then we would see many more to follow the suit.



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