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A Blockbuster Compared To Agynaathavaasi

Thanks to Agynaathavaasi ending up as a disaster, Balakrishna’s Jai Simha managed to end up having a short decent run at the box-office.

Usually Balakrishna’s films are categorized as hits or flops, there is no average or above average talk.

Probably Jai Simha can fall into the average category. Nevertheless, except for Ceded and one area in Andhra, the film ended up as a loss to its buyers.

But it is amusing to see the makers give out statements saying that the films is a huge blockbuster.

Since producer C Kalyan has not had a hit in a long time, this might be a blockbuster for him and compared to Agynaathavaasi, Jai Simha is indeed a blockbuster.

But in general terms it is yet another loss venture for buyers.



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