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A Aa Promise To Bring Back Lost Glory For 2016?

Telugu cinema never shies away from romance and human relations. The audience and the TFI always feel this is the best way to connect to each other.

Leading the pack is none other Trivikram Srinivas in the form of A. Aa(Anasuya Ramalingam vs. Anand Vihari). Underline the word VS., we will talk later.

Trivikram’s movies have always brought inquisitiveness, a sense of confidence but more than anything else it prepares the audience to carry their best with them. It requires the viewer to be attentive not to miss the dialogues, narration, screenplay and lets you get lost in the movie.

Whether it be Nandu, Sanjay Sahu, Seetharama Raju or Gautam Nanda the characters are etched in such a way that you would want to be around the character to understand how one behaves.

And let’s talk about the comedy and wit in his movies. Traditionally comedy flair has been the bastion of the people of Godavari districts, thus a cake walk for Trivikram. 

But the best of Trivikram are his dialogues. One would always feel had Trivikram not been in the entertainment field, he would make the BEST negotiator.

For his dialogues and narration any person would, but feel helpless and give in. His dialogues make half of the contribution, the characters and the emotions bind you through the journey.

While the movies in 2016 have fared less than expected and a streak of flops off late, A. Aa surely comes as a breather and at the opportune time. The posters look highly promising. Nithiin and Samantha look at their career best and don’t forget Samantha has always brought smiles to Trivikram and the audience.

Cinematography provided by Nataraj Subramaniam is rich and promising with loads of nativity. Mickey J. Meyer has never failed to live up to the expectations and is now among the top league of magical musicians that the industry has.

The movie is sending the right signals of high romance treading with love turbulences. It also raises the surprise element if Anasuya is in love with Anand then where does VS. fit in the whole mix.

While the movie premieres tonight, people are sure to mark their calendar with a movie that will bring back all smiles to the industry otherwise needed. A MUST watch movie!

- Aditya, Dallas, TX



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