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2 Incidents Savitri Shocked NTR, ANR

2 Incidents Savitri Shocked NTR, ANR

NTR, ANR and Savitri were the three biggest stars of Telugu cinema from '50s to '70s. While star directors and producers used to wait for call sheets of NTR and ANR, the stars used to demand their makers to cast Savitri in their films.

During her heydays, Savitri used to charge almost equal pay to that of the then superstars NTR and ANR.

Though she enjoyed immense stardom, Savitri had great respect and admiration towards NTR and ANR. However, she shocked the legends in two different incidents which are actually not shown in Mahanati.

Diviseema Cyclone in 1977 was one of the biggest disasters in Andhra Pradesh. Tollywood came in support of flood victims by raising funds.

When NTR, ANR, Savitri and few others had gone to visit the flood affected areas, fans of NTR garlanded him. Then, NTR put the garland up for auction to raise funds.

Unexpectedly, Savitri much to the surprise of everyone, bought the garland for 10K which was a huge sum then. Stunned with the gesture, NTR cautioned Savitri saying, “Why are you wasting such huge money for just a garland?”

Savitri apparently replied saying, “It’s not a garland and it means a lot to me. Moreover, I’m happy to donate as much as I can for the flood victims.”

In another incident, Savitri shocked ANR. When ANR built a new house in Chennai, he put up his old house for sale.

Savitri came to know this and offered a blank cheque to ANR which disturbed the ego of the ‘Devdas’ actor. He apparently told her that he would sell the bungalow to anyone, but Savitri.

At the time, Savitri thought giving a blank cheque for her favourite actor's bungalow was priceless. However, the way she dealt with the matter was inappropriate.



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