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150 Audio: DSP Plays To The Galleries

150 Audio: DSP Plays To The Galleries

Megastar Chiranjeevi's most awaited comeback film is just a few days away from hitting the marquee. Audio of the film was launched in a different style as the makers released single after single that have taken the YouTube by storm. 

Out of five songs in the film, only four were out as the fifth one is a situational background song.

Devi Sri Prasad played to galleries by composing beat oriented songs. None of the songs are lyrically rich, but will surely appeal to the masses because of catchy tunes and foot tapping beats.

‘Me me me me me… ikapai only you and me’ is the best song of the lot. It is another praiseworthy melody from DSP who made a wise choice with his singers. Hariharan and Shreya Goshal’s heavenly vocals have taken the song to next level. Srimani’s lyrics are pretty standard with predictable lines.

‘Ammadu Lets Do Kummudu’ sounds like a rehash of DSP’s old tunes. It has striking resemblance to his ‘Nenu Pakka Local’ from Janatha Garage. Devi is the lyricist and also the singer for this cheesy mass song that has a lot of scope for dance. Female singer Ranina Reddy offers good support with energetic rendition.

‘Rathalu Rathalu ososi Rathalu’ is a catchy mass song that is also targeted at the masses. We can expect energetic dances from the megastar as Lawrence is the choreographer for it. We got to see a glimpse of Megastar’s graceful dances in the making video that was released along with the single. This is an instant chartbuster penned by Devi Sri Prasad. Nakash Aziz and Jasmine Sandlas multiply the energy with their vocals.

It will take some time for ‘Sannajajila Puttesindiro Sundari’ song to make an impression on the listeners. It is also a standard DSP composition that has good scope for dance. Jaspreet Jasz voice is not instantly appealing but adds variety to the routine tune.

On a whole, Khaidi No. 150 audio is a typical commercial album that’s sole purpose seems only to please the masses and give ample scope for Megastar to exhibit his dancing skills.

You and Me is the pick of the lot and Ratthalu Ratthalu is an instant chartbuster. Not a quality album from the top music director, but should help the film to strike a chord with the masses.



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