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Top Director's Wife Creates Big Scene at a Star Hotel!

He is one of the top directors of Telugu Cinema Industry who is earning more than ten crores per film. He is currently the most sought after directors with a row of hits to his credit.

Although the director has hit golden patch on the professional front, he has been running through rough patch in personal life.

The director is staying at a star hotel suite all the time without paying a visit to his family that resides in Hyderabad itself.

As per gossip he hasn’t gone home for more than a year now. His wife who waited long enough was fed up with his behavior that she went to the hotel that he is staying in and made a big scene over there.

She sat in front of the hotel lobby and refused to go away until her husband came down to meet her. She asked him to come home or threatened to go on hunger strike in the hotel premises.

People who are close to the director’s family convinced her to go home as this could be a fatal blow to the director’s personal image. She went away only after the director promised to come home by the evening.

Interestingly we have been hearing rumors that this director is dating a star heroine who is going head over heels for him. 



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