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Sunny Leone Mesmerises At Reddy's Lavish Gala

Sunny Leone Mesmerises At Reddy's Lavish Gala

Not every day does one get to see hi-profile, glitzy parties in Hyderabad. One party that just about every celebrity is talking about these days is the ultra grand 60th birthday party of one Mr Reddy, who happens to be a big-shot industrialist with investments in both Telugu states.

He happens to own a company that does contracts in both Telugu states. So, four days back, when he turned 60, he threw a gala for the who's who of Hyderabad.

Well, goes without saying almost anyone and everyone who mattered in industrial, business, film and social circles were there to wish him a happy birthday. From the film industry, megastar Chiranjeevi to younger heroes like Nikhil and Raj Tharun were present. 

The setting was exquisite and lots was splurged to make it one memorable evening for all those invited. Reddy himself made a rather dramatic entry on the stage like a film star.

He is known to have a fleet of special cars owned by him alone in the country. And as the stage was being set, he is said to have waited in his caravan, which was specially customised for him. Even Chiranjeevi had to wait for half an hour while Reddy was getting ready for his entry act.

And while ladies dazzled in heavy silks, the foreign dancers who were flown in, flaunted their curves in itsy-bitsy clothes.

But what surprised all was the sudden entry of porn star Sunny Leone on stage. Apparently she danced for a few numbers according to a film star who was among the invitees.

In all, it is said to be one party that has floored those present beyond words. But Reddy happens to be a richie-rich industrialist with investments in thousands of crores and turnover in thousands of crores.

The man also owns his own golf club. So while the party will be talked about for days, it is no surprise.



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