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Struggling Actor Blames it on Side Gang

Struggling Actor Blames it on Side Gang

This young actor is going through lean phase with couple of flops. Despite failures, the actor has not come down to the ground, say industry observers.

He still thinks that he is a great box-office craze but he blames his close buddies and manager for this mess.

He did the recent movies without applying mind because the gang told him that it is important to do more movies in a year like Nani has been doing.

Since he has not put focus on the script, the career is in doldrums now. His upcoming movie that is releasing later this month will decide his fate.

There is also a complaint that the actor is still showing starry attitude and is not promoting his movies well.

Unless he changes his attitude and starts taking decisions on his own, he’d not bounce back.

He is one of the highly talented young stars but like all youngsters he got carried away with the early success.



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