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Special Homam For Success Of S/O Satyamurthy?

Well, it's barely a few hours since the movie’s release and the film has been shot extensively in India and abroad.

Allu Arjun looks really good and the film has a cool look. So what is this story all about then?

Okay according to some reliable sources in Film Nagar, talk is that a special homam has been performed to pray for the success of S/O Satyamurthy.

It is known that Trivikram is very particular about his film’s success. He takes care of every detail and is involved in everything till the film hits the screens.

So, it is said that Trivikram has a guru in West Godavari district. Apparently, the said homam is very popular in that specific area. It is widely believed that if one gets an homam done here, success will be theirs.

Talk in Tollywood is that Trivikram better known as ‘maatala mantrikudu’ gets homams done before his film’s release. It is now being said that he got one done before the release of Attarintiki Daaredi.

Now, we cannot confirm the story in totality, but it is being rumoured that the film’s hero Allu Arjun had gone to the place by the time the homam ended and got his blessings.

So if everything works in the film’s favour and it becomes a hit, all will be well as Tollywood is desperate for a blockbuster.



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