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Shocking: Rs 10 Cr Jolt To Agnyathavaasi?

Shocking: Rs 10 Cr Jolt To Agnyathavaasi?

One story that has been doing rounds for some time now is about Trivikram being heavily inspired by the French Film Largo Winch for his latest film Agnyathavaasi.

Well, this is not the first time that Trivikram has been accused of being 'inspired' by international films. But looks like this time, Trivikram's folly is going to cost the production house Haarika Hassine quite some money.

Despite media reports, T Series that bought the remake rights of Largo Winch, had maintained stoic silence till recently. But now that the release date is just round the corner, they have created an issue out of it. They have issued court notices and taken the fight to the Film Chamber.

On one hand, there is talk that Rana, who is rather close to T-Series owners, is trying to mediate the matter. Meanwhile, the issue is being fought at the Chamber too.

As per reliable sources, T Series is now demanding 10 per cent from the gross sales of the film as compensation. If Haarika Hassine gives in to the demand, they will have to part with Rs 15 crore and that would mean giving away two years of hard work.

On its part, Haarika Hassine has decided to have a inside deal and has agreed to pay Rs 5 crore to T Series.

Talk is that director Trivikram too feels paying a lump sum amount would be the ideal solution. He is said to have instructed the production house to deduct the amount from his remuneration.

When a similar situation arose during the release of A... Aa, Trivikram settled the matter in a similar fashion.



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