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Routine Movies Are Difficult To Handle!

There is a general talk that Sai Dharam Tej is soon going to replace Ravi Teja. 

No other mid-range actors has so much demand as that of Sai Dharam Tej, as producers are making a beeline for him with a hope that his films would have minimum guarantee returns of at least Rs 25 crore.

However, in the process of giving minimum guarantee to the investment made on him, Sai Dharam is playing too safe in selection of movies. 

He is not bothered to look for novelty in the storyline, but focussing on commercially saleable content. This is not giving him any opportunity to prove his talent beyond routine stuff.

His films, too, are not able to cross a certain level to become super hits. After Subrahmanyam for Sale, his next film “Supreme” has got an average talk. A section of audience expressed view that his latest film is too routine. 

Heroes of earlier generation could get away with commercial movies having routine formula, but it is difficult for young heroes to survive for long, unless they experiment with new themes.



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