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Reel Buzz: Eedu Villain Ehe

That's what Veeru Potla, director of Eedu Gold Ehe must be thinking about producer of the movie Anil Sunkara. 

Eedu Gold Ehe is due for release and stars Sunil, Sushma Raj and Richa Panai in the lead roles. The movie is directed by Veeru Potla and produced by Anil Sunkara. Now here’s the thing! 

Rumor is that Anil Sunkara interfered a lot in the making of the film and virtually ghost directed the movie. 

Unable to tolerate this anymore, Veeru Potla expressed his frustration to the producer. Anil Sunkara then told Veeru Potla that he (Anil Sunkara) might have to go to the US on some personal work and it might affect the movie.

In other words, Sunkara had hinted that the project would be stalled if Veeru Potla complained. Left with no option, Veeru Potla is believed to have compromised.

Incidentally, Anil Sunkara had directed a movie called Action 3D with Allari Naresh in the past which didn’t exactly make it to the IMDB top 10 list. 



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