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Ram Charan Playing It Ultra Safe

Ram Charan Playing It Ultra Safe

Ram Charan's stardom took a beating with Bruce Lee turning out to be a dud at the box office. Even Chiranjeevi’s cameo couldn’t save the film from biting dust.

It has been a while since Ram Charan delivered a genuine blockbuster. He hasn’t lived up to expectations post Magadheera to be precise.

While heroes like Prabhas and Allu Arjun have become bigger stars in recent years, Ram Charan banked upon commercial entertainers that didn’t let him grow as an actor and a star.

He has finally realized his mistake and willing to take risks with different scripts, but it will not be an easy transition for someone who has built a mass image.

His upcoming film Dhruva is definitely a sort of experiment for him. It is an action thriller that has a villain character that is powerful than the hero character. Besides that Dhruva will not have any so called commercial elements that please the masses.

With so much risk involved, Ram Charan is playing it safe by going for own release. Dhruva is being distributed by Geetha Arts in all the areas through various distribution companies.

Dhruva is made on a tight budget given its content and lack of commercial elements. Ram Charan and Surender will get a share in profits as their remuneration.

So Geetha Arts decided to bear the risk of releasing on their own as selling the film according to Ram Charan’s market value may put buyers in jeopardy.



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