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Rajinikanth Took Rs 50 Cr For Kabali!

Who gained from the so-called small movie "Kabali"? It is none other than the one and only superstar Rajinikanth. The superstar had planned this movie to tide over the losses he incurred from his daughter's expensive film "Vikram Simha" and the further losses that landed into his account for the promise he made to distributors of "Linga", which was also a flop. 

He planned "Kabali" to finish it in quick time and make it with lowest budget possible so that both he and his producer can have decent profits. Thus producer Thanu reportedly agreed him to pay Rs 50 Cr as remuneration and wrap up the movie with a small budget. Thanu did finish off the movie with just Rs 40 Cr for production cost.

But after the trailer created huge buzz Thanu started publicizing the film as big-budgeted movie and he sold the movie for high prices. So he too received huge profits. But the film flopped in AP and Telangana and also some areas in Tamilnadu. So he may have to pay those distributors in Tamilnadu.

Rajinikanth took Rs 50 Cr remuneration and became highest paid actor in India. Bollywood top stars like Aamir Khan and Salman Khan get more than this but they take low remuneration and share in profits. So remuneration-wise, Rajinikanth has become highest paid actor. 



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