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Rajasekhar Puts Up Flat's Sale Deed?

Rajasekhar Puts Up Flat's Sale Deed?

Yes, film industry is entertaining, but producing a film is no small affair. The producer has to go through nerve-wrecking experiences for a film to release.

Everything feels good when a producer takes finance from the market and goes ahead with the production. But the trouble begins on the day when the producer has to get a clearance certificate from the financiers a day prior to the release.

In case of Garuda Vega, Rajasekhar, Jeevitha, director Praveen Sattaru and few others came together to make the movie. They took Rs 3 crore as finance. Everyone knew the film was a good product.

After watching the trailer and teaser, the film looked promising, still they could not sell the film prior to release date.

The fact that Praveen Sattaru had never made such a film in a long time, that Rajasekhar was returning after a long time and similar reasons stopped buyers from taking it.

Still, the film was given to Suresh Movies in Andhra, Sai Korrapati in Ceded and Markapuram Sivakumar in Nizam. But the big question of clearance of Rs 3 crore was still there. The team tried to take advances from theatres, but that did not work out.

Several attempts were made on Thursday from morning till night, but nothing happened. Finally, Rajasekhar had to pledge his 5000 sq ft flat in a plush location to release his film.

Now the film has released and got good talk. It released at a time when there is no big competition. So, the film will make profits.

Added to that, Rajasekhar has to sell the satellite rights. If things will go well, they can make money in some areas. If they promote it well, it will have a good run too.

So, Rajasekhar getting back his flat will not be surprising.

But all the trouble that producers go through to release their film is rather nerve-wrecking indeed!



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