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Puri Troubling Producers?

Ace director Puri Jagannath is known for completing the films at brisk pace. Yet, he has not been able to deliver any hits of late. And that has had an impact on his film making.

Sometime back, Puri began the film “Rogue” but it has not made any progress because of financial differences with the producer.

Later, he took up “Ism” starring Kalyan Ram. The production cost went up to Rs 26 crore, but the film has not been released so far. And buyers have to play a gamble by shelling down huge amounts for its release and keep their fingers crossed over its success.

Meanwhile, Puri had agreed to do a film for a producer in the past. And he took an advance of Rs 2 crore to take up the project, saying he urgently needed money.

The producer had no option but to pay the money through a gentleman, who has a lot of hold in the media. Now, Puri is avoiding the producer who is eager to start the project.

He is not accessible even to the gentleman, who is now very angry with the director for ignoring his calls. Since he is a powerful media man, he has taken Puri’s arrogance very seriously.

The only way Puri can come out of this crisis is to see that Ism becomes a big hit. Even if there is a little difference, Puri will be doomed.

Forget Mahesh Babu or NTR, he may have to confine himself to doing films with small time heroes like Naga Shourya. One fails to understand why Puri is behaving like this.



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