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Producers Irked By Hat-Trick Hero's Attitude

Hyderabad: It is not easy to be successful in film industry without having a strong family background. If one doesn't have a background he should either be incredibly talented or extremely good looking to be successful in films. And of course luck should be on his side.

A youngster who entered the film industry lately has proved that one could become successful even without filmy background and great looks.

He can act but doesn’t possess any extra ordinary skills. He is lucky to be a part of some very good films at the start of his career. Within no time he is riding high and above in Telugu cinema.

The said hero has a long list of films in the pipeline which means he will hang around for another five years even if he is as successful as he is now. With the sudden rise of fame and popularity this young hero is showing attitude says the gossipers.

He stopped acknowledging people at parties and events. He is just moving away as if he hasn’t noticed them. This is irking producers that are trying to get his dates.

Maybe he is deliberately doing that as he is too busy to sign up new films. Perhaps he should find a better way to keep them at bay as this is affecting his image.



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