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Pawan Issue Divides Industry PROs

With Pawan Kalyan upping the ante against the yellow media, the repercussions are being strongly felt across the industry with people taking sides with one group or the other. 

While Tollywood PRO industry which as usual is dominated by the Kammas are siding with their community, Kapus have expressed their solidarity with Pawan Kalyan. And, this caste feeling which has always been there has come to the fore once again.

A Kamma PRO team is said to have commented, “Pawan Kalyan’s drama at Film Chamber is just a Kapu Vanabhojanam. Did a single non-Kapu hero turn up?”

On the other hand, the Kapu PROs are also a furious lot. “Many times, these Kamma PROs by playing the caste card, have taken away projects which were given to us in the first place. Now, they are targeting our leader Pawan Kalyan intentionally and bad-mouthing him. They should remember that time will not be on their side all the time.” 

A leading producer when asked to comment on these developments, jokingly said, “Appoint a PRO for your film who is neither Kamma nor Kapu. That should solve the problem.”



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