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Once Again Akhil's Marriage Rumours

Once Again Akhil's Marriage Rumours

Open YouTube and there is this latest story about Akhil's wedding. After marrying him off to Shriya Bhoopal, now everyone seems to be keen on getting Akhil married at any cost.

In the latest story doing rounds, it is being said that Akhil will be marrying Venkatesh's daughter.

No one confirmed the same, neither did anyone announce the marriage. Yet, the story has been doing rounds all over.

In the past, when Shriya Bhoopal Akhil's wedding was called off, Nagarjuna had told that it would be best to not talk about Akhil's wedding.

Akhil is just a film old and hasn't made his mark in the industry as yet. He is yet to work on his next and he has a long to go before he becomes a credible star.

It is known that Venkatesh and Nagarjuna are related. In fact, just like Shriya Bhoopal, Venkatesh's daughter too is older than Akhil. So wonder where the rumours are coming from.

But it is said that Nagarjuna and family are embarrassed about the new rumour. Nagarjuna has once again asked everyone to understand that Akhil is not getting married and keep both families in mind before spreading such false rumours.

In the past, media would pester heroines about their marriage, looks like now even young heroes are no longer being spared.



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