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Nithin's Father In Huge Financial Trouble?

Akhi Akkineni's debut film Akhil has ended up being a huge disaster and the film's producer is said to have suffered losses to the tune of Rs 18 crores.

The film's producer Nithin's father Sudhakar Reddy, who happens to be a producer and distributor in Nizam area, was hoping to take the production house to the next level with Akhil.

In the past, his production house, (which is run by his daughter) made two decently successful films -- Ishq and Gunde Jaari Gallantayyinde. Back then, he handed over the story of Manam to Nagarjuna, which became a biggest hit for Annapurna Productions.

However, this planning went for a toss with the failure of Akhil which was made with a huge budget, though it was the launch of a debutant hero.

So since the launch up until the movie was on the sets, distributors offered the film very high prices. However, once the movie was shot and Nagarjuna forced them to postpone the release date, distributors slashed the prices.

Talk is that he will now end up with a loss of Rs 18 crores according to a distributor who also happens to be close to Sudhakar Reddy.

He added that it would take Nithin's father some years to recover from the losses.



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