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Nani Film Reminds Us Of Shah Rukh?

These days, watch any Telugu film; you get a feeling that you had watched it before. Remade movies, copied stories and themes “inspired” from popular novels are ruling the Telugu film industry.

So, audiences are not surprised if they found the scenes of one film in another film. In fact, it is a surprise if they do not experience such elements in any film.

Recently, we have heard the hush-talk about “A.. Aa..,” which has drawn inspiration from yesteryears’ film Meena. Now, a similar rumour is doing arounds about Nani’s forthcoming film “Gentleman.”

According to these rumours, this film resembles a super hit Bollywood film done in the past by Shah Rukh Khan. The film is “Baazigar” which catapulted Shah Rukh into the level of a super hero.

Surprisingly, Gentleman is being made by Indraganti Mohana Krishna, who is known for making native Telugu films like Grahanam, Maya Bazar, Ashta Chamma and Bandipotu etc. Irrespective of whether his films are hits or flops, he makes films of a different genre. So, it is really surprising as to why his latest film is resembling the Bollywood film.

Ironically, Baazigar was also an out-and-out remake of a second-grade Kannada film which was dubbed into Telugu as “Kanne Veta.” Of course, the storyline was changed a bit to suit the heroic image of Shah Rukh Khan. Let us see how far Gentleman has imitated Baazigar.



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