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Namrata Mahesh's Biggest Worry

Namrata, who manages the dates, movie deals and ad deals of her husband Mahesh Babu, is also taking care of the PR activity related to him and his films.

She follows all the news channels, websites and news papers and pays attention to the updates about Mahesh.

Namrata has no worries about the negative reviews and Mahesh’s failures, but she couldn’t tolerate any negative news about her husband or his activities.

Whenever Namratha comes across negative news about Mahesh, she calls her PR team and asks to them to see the news to be removed from the website.

Namrata is worried of the sensitive nature of Mahesh who could get upset easily. She doesn’t want her husband to see any negative news being spread about him.

Although Namrata’s agony can be understood, being a former actress, she must know that it is quite common for a superstar and stop worrying about such trivial issues.



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