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Naga Shourya Wants Increase in Remuneration!

Naga Shourya has been demanding an increase in his remuneration but none of the producers he had worked with listened to his demand.

Saying that we would increase for the next movie, they avoided his requests. And they didn't work with him again except Sai Korrepati.

Only Sai Korrepati has produced three films with him so far and he has marginally increased Shourya's remuneration. The handsome actor feels that he has established himself as a bankable hero for small love stories and deserves to be paid handsomely too.

After the success of "Kalyana Vaibhogame", he had demanded good money for "Oka Manasu" but couldn't get big money for "Jyo Achyuthananda". Now that the movie has turned out to be an average hit, he is seeking better price.



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