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Koratala Pockets 28 Cr package?

Koratala Pockets 28 Cr package?

Director Koratala is one of the most reliable filmmakers in Tollywood and his track record defines the same.

He is not simply a director material, but he is a good businessman as well. In fact, Koratala has good circle in distribution arena. 

It is a common scenario that Koratala’s films are sold to his friends in distribution field. However, situations had been reversed post the debacle result of Agnyaathavaasi.

Buyers actually feared to invest high rates. Then, Koratala took initiation to settle Bharat Ane Nenu business deals.

It is heard that, Koratala requested buyers to invest on BAN and also assured them that it’s his responsibility if the film fails at box office. Thus, believing in Koratala, his friends in buyers acquired BAN distribution rights for the price he demanded.

Although Dil Raju who was initially ready to offer any advance amount but was not interested to buy Nizam rights outright, he is said to have changed his mind in the last minute.

Talks between Koratala and Dil Raju have turned fruitful and the latter bought Nizam rights for a fancy price.

Buzz is that, Koratala has other equations getting involved in BAN distribution deals. Besides remuneration, he would get his share from profits.

As per their deal, producer will primarily get 10 Cr, whereas Koratala will pocket 8 Cr from profits. So, if BAN makes table profit business, Koratala will enjoy huge sum as additional remuneration. Including his actual pay of 20 Crores, Koratala will take home 28 Cr fee.

On the flip side, it’s Koratala’s responsibility to bring buzz on the film and also to get enormous openings. So, the director is personally looking after all the promotional activities of BAN.

It’s indeed Koratala’s master plan to bring in stars like Ram Charan and Jr NTR whom fans feel as competitors for audio launch.

NTR skipped his elder brother Kalyan Ram’s MLA audio launch as to keep his look under wraps. However, he’s not considering the same factor as to attend BAN event.

NTR is said to have okayed when Mahesh invited him for the event. Furthermore, he shares close bonding with Koratala.

Interim, buzz has been hiked on Bharat Ane Nenu. Record-breaking openings are guaranteed with the sudden craze on the film.

Mahesh needs to prove his mettle once again in overseas. And Koratala factor is expected to work positively. But, content should be pleasing in the end. So far they have released two songs which couldn’t please masses. 

In fact, YouTube views are not at all the evaluation aspect as content should reach to general public. On the flip side, fans are requesting Mahesh Babu and team to release a mass number. Even others opine makers should release a chart buster number from the album, before the audio launch.

As per reports, BAN is high on love and romance. With the words of aptitudes, responsibilities and considerations being used in promos, BAN appears to be a serious film. Seems like, they are simply implementing their strategies.

Production unit believe that, initially giving political touch and then showing romantic side in the film will give optimistic results.

Overall, everyone’s attention is shifted to Bharat Ane Nenu post the super success of Rangasthalam. Besides that, responsibility has also been increased on Bharat!



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