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Is This What Actress Is Charging For A Film?

Deepika Padukone is a much sought-after heroine. Now no one doubts that. Talk is that she is now quoting a whopping Rs 12 crore for her films. It all started with her title role in Padmavathi.

The leggy actress apparently gave 220-plus days for the film's shooting. But again, that stopped her from taking on other big projects, the same year, which justifies her price say some industry insiders.

Well, according to how a popular newspaper quotes it, her price has become fixed like a Bata rate card.

Apparently, when she was approached for a two-heroine project with a popular Khan, Dippy didn't care to negotiate. Talk is that the other heroine too had her own price.

Despite talks, Dippy is said to be decided about her price.



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