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Gossip: Young Hero Keeping Mega Camp Away!

He is one of the most successful young actors in Tollywood now. He is currently enjoying stardom after going through a struggling phase. Producers are making beelines to get his dates now.

The talented actor was not into maintaining groups or staying close to one community before, but grapevine is abuzz with the rumors that he is slowly getting closer to the people from his community.

Earlier he didn’t have problems to work with anybody, but of late he is surrounded by producers that belong to his caste. The actor is allegedly not honoring proposals from other ‘camps’.

A director and a production house that is close to Mega camp are pivotal in the actor’s journey to stardom. However, he is not showing any gratitude or respect towards them and has reportedly turned down multiple offers from them.

He has reportedly not shown interest in working with Geetha Arts in spite of couple of proposals from the mega production house.

It is interesting to note that almost all of his upcoming projects are produced by people that belong to his caste only. This is irking producers that were instrumental in shaping his career as a star.



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