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Gossip: Star comedian's Boast Loses Him Respect

Once upon a time, he was the king of comedy in Tollywood but today, there is hardly a big ticket film in which he features.

Recently, when a 30yrs industry comedian was seated with a prominent actor/producer and self-confessed disciplinarian, the senior comedian called and the actor said that the 30 yrs industry comedian was with him.

Not knowing that the phone was on speaker phone, the senior comedian boasted that all comedians are now enjoying the roles because he was not taking up any new offers or else they were good for nothing.

Naturally, the 30yrs industry guy was pained at these comments and the result is that when the senior comedian is turning up at shooting or events, earlier, these people used to get up as a mark of respect and offer him their chair. Now, they are just ignoring him.



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