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Fed Up With Directors, PVP Gives Up Film Production!

If the buzz from the film circles is to be believed, Prasad V. Potluri who has made some notable films in Telugu and Tamil cinema is going to stop producing films.

PVP Cinema has made many films within a very short span of time, but most of their films have either ended up as huge disasters or cost failures.

Prasad V Potluri was so happy when his last two films Kshanam and Oopiri won accolades. He had high hopes on his latest venture Brahmotsavam, but it is turning out to be a nightmare for its investors.

Brahmotsavam could end up as one of the biggest disasters ever. PVP is particularly not happy with director Srikanth Addala, who didn’t have a proper script on hands before going to the sets.

As per the grapevine, the director didn’t have clarity over many things that have resulted in extra working days and so much wastage. He took the producer for granted and didn’t even bother to discuss the changes that are made to the script or on the casting side. He always discussed with the hero before finalizing anything.

Even Oopiri director Vamsi Paidipalli spent a lot on the film that it couldn’t breakeven due to high costs.

PVP is fed up with the directors irresponsible behavior and their disrespect towards the producers that he decided to give up on film production forever. PVP is not available for the comment.



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