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Exclusive: Nagababu Returns Pawan Kalyan's Money

Exclusive: Nagababu Returns Pawan Kalyan's Money

Everyone that follows film news must be aware of Pawan Kalyan helping his brother Nagababu when he was in huge financial crisis.

Nagababu’s brother in law Ramesh cheated him big time and mega brother went bankrupt overnight after the release of Orange.

Although Orange was sold for very good price as it was the immediate film after Magadheera, Nagababu didn’t get a penny back as the finances were diverted by Ramesh.

Being left in a huge financial mess, he even had suicidal tendencies at that time, Nagababu himself confessed in an interview. Both Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan stood by him and bailed him out during his troubled times.

Ram Charan didn’t take balance payment from Nagababu as the film ended up a big flop. Allu Arjun gave his dates to Nagababu that are now being used for Lagadapati’s film Naa Peru Surya to which Nagababu is the presenter.

Pawan Kalyan helped his brother by giving Rs. 3 crore at that time and Nagababu who got Rs. 39 crore as his share from Maa TV - Star Network deal has returned the amount to his younger brother now.

Nagababu invested a few lakhs and bought little stake in Maa TV on his brother Chiranjeevi’s advice and that has made him rich again.

Besides hitting a jackpot with StarMaa deal, Nagababu is happy to see his son Varun Tej’s career flourishing with back to back hits.

Varun Tej is earning Rs. 3 to 4 crore per film now. What an amazing turnaround of fortunes for the mega brother.



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