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Excess Beer Consuming Affects Actress' Body Shape!

She is one of the most talented actresses in South India. Though she is not Telugu girl, she got all the fame in Tollywood.

The actress with most expressive eyes has acted with many top stars including NTR and Allu Arjun is now totally in bad shape.

It is not about body-shaming but to point out that she has completely gone out-of-shape. Movie industry demands actors and actresses to be in right shape when they are playing the lead actor characters.

This talented actress has addicted to excessive drinking of beer, say sources. She cannot put down the beer bottles when she is in right mood, the source adds.

Trouble is she gets in 'right mood' frequently. This is the reason why she has completely gone out-of-shape.

All she needs a little bit discipline in her lifestyle and lot of workouts to be back in league. Why waste such great acting talent?



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