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Directors Scared Of Pawan Kalyan!

In spite of being credited as the director of Sardaar Gabbar Singh, Bobby didn't even get a chance to cut the theatrical trailer. Even the posters of the film are being finalized by Pawan Kalyan.

No one dares to question Pawan Kalyan for making the director a mere puppet on the sets of Sardaar. Producer Sharrath Marar is totally in awe of Powerstar and behaves as if he indebted to Pawan for making him a producer says the grapevine.

Sharrath Marar is not hesitating to give entire credit of Sardaar’s creative outcome to Pawan Kalyan. Every press note stresses that it is totally Pawan Kalyan’s film and poor Bobby is being completely ignored at times. This could be a blessing in disguise for the young director if the film goes wrong!

As Pawan Kalyan is taking credit for the film, no one can blame Bobby if Sardaar misfires. However, Bobby could be at risk if the film turns out to be a hit as Pawan will walk away with the glory.

Upcoming directors are now scared to approach Pawan Kalyan after looking at the way Bobby is being treated. Except for Trivikram no other star director too is interested in working with Powerstar as of now, claims gossip circles. 

While Pawan fans wanted to see him in some crazy movies before he retires, Powerstar is only signing up directors who will not say No to him.



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