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Director Vikram Kumar's Variety Torture

Vikram Kumar is considered as one of the genius directors in Indian cinema industry at the moment. He has a very special talent of presenting complex stories in a very simplistic way so that even a layman could connect to. After 13 B and Manam, Vikram Kumar has once again put his talent to display in 24.

Although the actors feel blessed to be working with super talented Vikram Kumar, rumor has it that he is a nightmare to his producers!

Vikram Kumar is a very moody person who works on his own terms, says the buzz. Annapurna Studios people that have worked with him for Manam share their weird experiences with Vikram Kumar during the shoot.

Now it is Gnanavel Raja’s turn to see the other side of this genius director. When Raja asked Vikram to trim 24 by nine minutes, he stopped answering his calls, they say.

Vikram Kumar didn’t even care to talk to the producer even after he went to the director’s home to discuss about trimming the film.

“Edit whatever you want to, I won’t be doing it,” said Vikram Kumar as per the grapevine. When Vikram Kumar was supposed to attend a promotional event for an FM channel, he has reportedly switched his phone off and wasn’t reachable for anyone.

Gnanavel Raja had to apologize to the FM people for his director’s odd behavior. We hear many other stories about Vikram’s weird attitude and the torture that his team goes through on and off the sets.



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