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Director Pays From His Own Pocket For That Heroine

He is a young Tollywood director with two blockbusters and one average film to his credit. He is now getting ready with his fourth film which is a multi-starrer involving a senior star and a young star.

For his fourth film, the director was keen on repeating the heroine of his third film and no one else. The producer said ok and approached the heroine.

While she quoted Rs 50 lakh as remuneration, the producer was willing to pay only Rs 20 lakh which he believed to be correct for her market. This problem got solved in an interesting way.

The director agreed to slash his remuneration by Rs 10 lakh and that 10 lakh was offered to the heroine who agreed to do the film for Rs 30 lakh.

Thus, the director ants her so badly that he is even willing to cut down on his remuneration to have her on board.



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