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Did Varaahi Miss Out On Pelli Choopulu?

After Pelli Choopulu was made, the makers naturally had to move from pillar to post, arranging multiple screenings for all and sundry, trying to find a buyer for their project.

Varaahi films, was also approached by the makers. Sai Korrapati had apparently given the job of watching the film to Srinivas Avasarala. The young director watched the film and gave a ‘buy’ option on it to Sai Korrapati.

But for some reason, Sai Korrapati did not go ahead with acquiring the distribution rights to Pelli ChoopuluMaybe because he had already invested a huge sum in Manamantha and Jyo Achyutananda by then and could not take further chances on a small film made with newcomers.

Had Varaahi also acquired the distribution rights to Pelli Choopulu, it would have been a double bonanza for Sai Korrapati this season who was badly in need of a hit following a bad run at the box-office of late.



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