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Curbs To Trivikram Budget?

Director Trivikram Srinivas is known for fleecing the producers to make films. For a small film like A.Aa.. itself, Trivikram forced the producers to spend over Rs 42 crore. And that is his style, because he involves technicians and actors that suit his range.

One can imagine, if the hero is Pawan Kalyan. The budget will definitely shoot up to more than double. This is because his remuneration and that of Pawan, besides the cost of technicians and other star cast itself would cross Rs 50 crore. There is no need to estimate the cost of sets and other expenses.

That is precisely why Harika-Hasini Productions is going to take all precautions to minimise the budget.

It is learnt Pawan has entrusted Trivikram with the task of production control; which means, it is a sort of package deal on the lines of Puri Jagannath. As such, Trivikram will be given certain budget and he has to finish the film within its limits. In the past, Trivikram made “Jalsa” in this method.

It shows that Trivikram has to spend the money judiciously and complete the film within the agreed budget. It is okay, but the problem is with Pawan who never sticks to his deadlines. So, how can Trivikram deal with the restricted budget and the interest on investments?



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