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Character Actress Too Friendly with Makers

She is one of the busiest character actresses in Tollywood right now. As actresses like Pragati and Sudha have lost prominence, this former heroine has become most sought after character actress for the roles of mother to hero or heroine. 

But don't get fooled that she is getting all the offers with her acting talent, laughs off a source in the movie industry.

The source reveals that her liberal attitude and friendly nature with the producers is the main reason that she is attracting such plum offers.

She used to be known very reclusive and reserved actress when she was playing heroine roles back in 1990's. However, she is said to have become quite friendly now in her late 40's. 

As she goes extra mile to make the filmmakers comfortable, the actress who is equally popular in Tamil and in her native film industry Malayalam, has become favourite of Telugu producers to cast her in mother roles.



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