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Can Sai Dharam Tej Prove His Stamina?

Sai Dharam Tej has proved his box-office potential with three hits in a row. With the recent “Supreme”, he has become an out and out mass hero with a minimum market range of Rs 22 Cr. 

But so far, Sai Dharam has given hits with the movies produced by Dil Raju or Geetha Arts. The real test for him is now with “Thikka”. This is the first film that he did for rank new producers.

He enjoyed backup of big producers for the first four films and out of them three became hits. Can he repeat the same success story when there is no backup of big production houses? 

“Thikka” has no big director, no big producer, and the heroine is also newcomer. So Sai Dharam Tej has to prove now that he can pull a hit on his own.

If he does so, he can confidently sign more movies with other production houses. So this is going to be real test for him.



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