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Brahmi Out, Santhanam In??!

Some changes work well for a film. But some changes can be detrimental to its success. The latest news from tinsel ville is that Srini Vaitla is all set to make a film minus Brahmanandam.

It is said that the decision is owing to megastar’s insistence that Santhanam would be a better choice as the film would then attract Tamil audiences. 

Now, one has to change with times. But making a change for the heck of it may prove costly in the long run. There are many Telugu audiences who go to theatres for Brahmanandam. So, if he is replaced with Santhanam, it may work out in Tamil, but the film might lose some audiences in Telugu.

It is also not correct to blame Brahmanandam for dominating the hero. Isn’t it pushing blame on to others?

Well, such practices are surely not good for the future of Telugu industry.



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