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Box Office: A Disaster Of Epic Proportions

Dil Raju is one of the very few producers that have a very good success rate. This is because of his vast experience as a distributor. He can rightly estimate the market range of a movie and invests according to it.

In spite of his experience and strategies, Dil Raju couldn’t get the economics right for Krishnashtami, which has turned out to be a disaster of epic proportions for everyone involved.

Dil Raju decided to make a complete commercial film with Sunil, who is primarily a comedy hero. Sunil’s films are usually made on a tight budget of under 10 crore.

Dil Raju spent 18 crore on the movie and the never ending delays cost him another 2 crore due to the interest on finances. Krishnashtami has opened well compared to other Sunil’s films, but the bad talk has taken a toll over the movies collections.

It collected around 6 crore in its opening weekend but had a great fall on its first Monday. It didn’t pick thereafter as the new movies continued to storm the box office every weekend.

Krishnashtami has fallen well short of 10 crore mark leaving Dil Raju and other buyers in huge losses. This is the biggest ever flop for Dil Raju as per trade estimates. The film is not even getting an exciting satellite deal due to its disastrous box office performance.

Dil Raju is staying mum about the film’s performance as he is the one who has initiated it. He thought of giving a break to his longtime associate Vasu Varma and signed up Sunil against all the odds. So he has no one to blame but himself for this failure.



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