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Allu Arjun Set To Take Another Risk!

Allu Arjun Set To Take Another Risk!

Almost all the top rated stars are currently not willing to work with debutants.

With crores of rupees and market value at stake no one is ready to take a risk with new directors. They are instead going with experienced and top league directors to be in the safe zone.

However, Allu Arjun is going against the tide now. He is more than willing to take risks at the moment.

His upcoming film Naa Peru Surya is directed by writer turned director Vakkantam Vamsi.

Now the latest buzz is that Allu Arjun has given green signal to one more debutante named Santosh Reddy.

Bunny is very impressed with Santosh Reddy’s script that he immediately okayed it in single sitting. Will he do it immediately after Naa Peru Surya or take some time is unclear at the moment.

Santosh Reddy is from UV Creations banner, but it remains to be seen whether Bunny does it for them or some other production house. 



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