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Actress' Pregnancy Rumour Killed the Relationship

In movie industry, extra-marital affairs are common. It would not be preposterous to say that there are not many makers or actors who haven't had a fling or two outside marriage.

Recently, news broke out that two celebrities are facing trouble at home. One of them has officially been come out from the marital relationship.

Latest dope on this is that his wife came to know that her husband's lover got pregnant. Hell broke loose after she confronted him. 

It was later found that the actress getting pregnant  was just hearsay, not truth. However, the news caused a rift between the couple. Their already strained relationship went down after these rumours. 

The actress is not acting in any other film at present and is staying in her Mumbai residence.

On the other hand, the film-maker and his wife have parted ways officially. There is no reconciliation.



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