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Young Hero Finishes Full Bottle In No Time!

Young Hero Finishes Full Bottle In No Time!

Here is an interesting scoop about a young Telugu hero's drinking habit. More than ninety percentage of industry people drink, but not everyone is a heavy drinker. 

The said young actor had tasted success very fast and had become busy with many offers.

Like many young actors he too couldn't make right choices and suffered a streak of flops. He is yet to come out of the hole and is hoping to get back on track with his upcoming film.

He boozes a lot to an extent that no one can control him. Once he went on a tour for one of his flop films and finished full bottle vodka by the time they travelled 100 km distance.

People talk about this incident as an example for his drinking addiction. Perhaps such habits also have played a role in the downfall of this promising talent.



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