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What Next Mr Pawan Kalyan?

What Next Mr Pawan Kalyan?

Year 2014. Pawan Kalyan was at the pinnacle of popularity thanks to the emotionally charged environment in Andhra post-bifurcation. Cut to 2018. Pawan Kalyan has lost all craze both in the political field and movie industry.

Three duds in a row -- “Sardaar Gabbar Singh”, “Katamarayudu” and “Agnyaathavaasi” -- have exposed him as a star. Does he really have fan following today?

If he really does have following, why is it that his films haven't been running in theatres at least for a week? Can’t fans watch his movie for even first three to four days?

In the case of “Agnyaathavaasi”, the movie had seen 70 per cent drop in collections right from the second day.

Post-Kathi Mahesh episode, he also lost his image politically. The Kathi Mahesh incident showed how clueless he and his party is in dealing simple crises. If his party can’t handle non-political guy’s allegations, how can it deal when the real political game begins?

In 2014, he was instrumental in bringing TDP into power in Andhra Pradesh but now his fans are not trusting him.

The dialogue -- “Adento veediki chinnapatinunchi Cycle ante istam” (He has craze for cycle since childhood) in “Agnyaathavaasi” didn’t go well with his die-hard fans. They have come to the conclusion that Pawan Kalyan’s “Jana Sena” will serve as Chandrababu’s “Plan B”.

The Kapus dream of coming to power on their own will not be materialized with Pawan allying with ‘Cycle’ again.

“Agnyaathavaasi” has not only brought his star image down, it has also damaged him politically. All in all, everyone has started taking him lightly now.

Will he bounce back? What is his future course of action? Mr Pawan Kalyan, can you at least open up now for the sake of your fans?!



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